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Top 20 UGC Hooks in 2023 + How To Craft Your Own

Posted Tue Sep 05 2023 3 min read

With millions of videos uploaded daily, standing out on TikTok is no easy task. As a UGC creator, your job is to create the content that stands out. But how can you do so? Your hook. People are endlessly scrolling on TikTok, and your hook is the key to break their scroll.

Here's your complete guide to creating compelling UGC hooks + 20 of the best hooks to use in 2023.

So, What's a UGC Hook Anyway?

A hook is the first 2-3 seconds of your video. It needs to get the viewer’s attention and make them interested in your video. A simple title isn't enough anymore. You need to get creative.

Imagine you're telling a story around a campfire; the hook is that initial suspenseful line that makes everyone lean in, eyes wide.

Types of hooks:

Auditory Hook

An auditory hook is a hook where you use sound to hook the viewer. This could be anything from a:

  • Sound effect: Sound effects are commonly used in hooks to get your attention. Snaps, claps, or even a can open can be used to get a viewer’s attention.
  • Voice: You can utilize your voice to get a users attention. Try speaking in different tones to break the pattern of what the viewer is used to seeing on their For You Page.
  • Music: By using trending songs, or a song that the viewer likes or hasn’t heard before, you can get their attention.

Word Hook

The most important kind of hook will be your word hook. It's that intriguing opening line, that irresistible bit of gossip, or that fascinating fact that will grab someone’s attention.

On platforms like TikTok, a word hook can be:

  • Questions: Starting with a thought-provoking question can instantly engage the audience.
  • Bold Statements: Claim something audacious or counter-intuitive to make viewers pause and ponder.

We’ve also provided you with 20 examples of word hooks in the next section of this blog post.

Visual Hook

Ever notice how certain things just catch your eye, even in a bustling crowd or a jam-packed room? That's the magic of a visual hook in action. It's like that bright red dress among a sea of grays or that captivating artwork in a room full of plain walls. On TikTok, a visual hook could be:

  • Transitions: Dynamic, unexpected shifts in scenery or content can be super engaging.
  • Emojis & Graphics: Strategically placed emojis or vibrant graphics can amplify your message and draw eyes.
  • Quick Actions: A sudden movement or a surprise reveal can keep viewers on their toes.

Which type of hook is best?

So which one should you use? The answer is: all. By combining all 3 of these into your hook, you will have the highest chance of breaking their scroll.

Top 20 Best Hooks for UGC in 2023:

  1. This [insert product] will save you SO much money/time.
  2. I’m about to share my biggest secret…
  3. Unbox with me THE BEST [insert product] I’ve ever used
  4. If you’re struggling with [insert customer problem], [insert product] might be what you need.
  5. If you have [insert customer problem]… Listen up.
  6. The perfect [insert product niche] doesn’t exist, until now
  7. Not to be dramatic, but my life wouldn’t be the same with [insert product]
  8. I wish I found this sooner…
  9. 3 reasons why you need [insert product]
  10. Want to know THE SECRET to [insert customer desire]
  11. I’m done gatekeeping…
  12. This is how I went from this… To this…
  13. Why is nobody talk about…
  14. Stop doing [insert what customer is doing wrong], do this instead.
  15. This is your sign to try [insert product]
  16. Put a finger down if [insert customer problem]
  17. Does anyone else hate [insert customer problem] SO MUCH?
  18. I’m never going back to [insert old solution] after trying [insert product]
  19. Life hack: try [insert product] if you have [insert customer problem]
  20. Need affordable [insert product niche]? Keep watching?

Tips for UGC Hooks

  • Need more inspiration for your hooks? Try out: TikTok Hook Generator. This website uses AI to generate TikTok hooks for you.
  • Not sure which hook is best? You can send the brand you’re working with, multiple different hooks so they can split-test which one works best!
  • Hooks that worked last year, won’t work this year. You need to keep your hooks up to date with what is working on TikTok/IG. Make sure to check this blog post for updated hooks!

Wrapping Things Up

An enticing hook can mean the difference between a viewer engaging with your video or swiping away to the next shiny thing. You now have all the tools needed to create scroll-stopping hooks.

Need help writing your UGC scripts? Check out: How to Write Viral UGC Scripts

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