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Free AI Testimonial Generator

Create authentic testimonials in seconds

How can I collect authentic testimonials from clients?

While AI testimonials are great for mockup websites, they'll never be as good as a real and authentic testimonial from one of your clients. That's why we built TrustUGC, a free tool to help you collect testimonials and add them to your website.

What is a testimonial generator?

Our AI-powered testimonial generator is a tool that helps you create authentic, personalized, testimonials. Often, when mocking up a landing page design, or a marketing page, you'll have testimonials/reviews on it. Rather than showing non-relevant text, use our customer testimonials to help get your idea across.

How does our AI testimonial generator work?

By providing information such as your company/brand name, what you sell or the service you provide, and preferred keywords, our system will generate an authentic testimonial for you. We will incorporate all the information you provided to make it as personalized as possible.


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