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How To Find Trending TikTok Sounds For Business Accounts

Posted Thu Nov 30 2023 1 min read

Have you ever tried recording a TikTok sound, only to see “This sound isn’t licensed for commercial use”?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Whether you’re a small business, freelancer, or social media manager this is a common struggle. After all, sounds play a massive role on TikTok, so I understand your frustration.

Here’s how you can find trending TikTok sounds that are business-friendly and available for commercial use!

How do I know if a song is available for commercial use?

When you find a song click “Use this sound”. If it opens the camera, it’s available for business accounts. If you get a message saying “This sound isn’t available”, then you’re out of luck.

Scroll through TikTok!

TikTok’s algorithm will naturally show you videos using trending TikTok sounds. What you’ll need to do now is find the ones that are available for commercial use.

Pro Tip: Look at the title of the sound to know if it will be available at a glance. If it's from a popular artist, it's most likely not available for commercial use.

Follow a TikTok Trending Sound Account

There are accounts dedicated to finding trending TikTok sounds. Some of them won’t be available for commercial use, but majority will.

Here are some accounts you can follow:

Use TikTok’s Trend Discovery Tool

TikTok Trend Discovery Tool

TikTok has a free tool that allows you to find trending songs. You can use it here: TikTok Trend Discovery.

Make sure to click the “Approved for business use” button to find sounds that are available for business accounts.

Follow Other Business Accounts

Lastly, follow other business accounts that are growing on TikTok. Since these accounts are also business accounts, they will only be able to use commercial sounds. Here are business accounts you can follow:

Wrapping Things Up

Hopefully this blog post was able to help you find trending TikTok Sounds for your business account. If this helped you, make sure to save it for later and share it with other people who may find it useful!

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