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5 Free Canva Testimonial Social Media Post Templates!

Posted Thu Oct 05 2023 2 min read

Testimonial social media posts are a powerful way to showcase your satisfied customers. Sharing these testimonials on social platforms can significantly enhance trust among your followers, encouraging them to buy your services. A striking statistic reveals that 72% of customers acknowledge that positive reviews and testimonials boost their trust in a business (Source).

In this guide, we're diving deep to present 5 free and visually appealing testimonial social media post examples. These testimonial social media templates are in Canva which makes them super easy to use!

1. Minimalist Organic Tea Product Testimonial Instagram Template

Minimalist Testimonial Template

Every testimonial post matters, especially in the age where social media content is consumed rapidly. This template is perfectly tailored for businesses revolving around health and wellness. It's not just a template; it's a strategy to let your product and the happy customer behind the testimonial shine.

2. Animated Client Review Template for Instagram

Animated Client Testimonial Template

Engage your audience on different social media channels with this animated customer review template. It's dynamic, eye-catching, and offers a fresh dose of social proof for brands with a modern persona.

3. Review & Testimonial Gradient Instagram Post Template

Gradient Testimonial Template

Tech brands are often on the hunt for ways to share customer feedback. This gradient template is not just sleek but also a direct way to share customer testimonials on social media, particularly when you want to engage potential customers on platforms like Instagram.

4. Beige Aesthetic Customer Testimonial Instagram Story

Animated Instagram Story Testimonial Template

Switching gears, this entry brings a touch of animation to the table with a stylish Instagram story template. The beige aesthetic complements a variety of brand palettes, while the animated elements catch the eye and keep the viewer engaged. It's a modern, elegant way to share customer testimonials on your Instagram story, providing a fresh and engaging visual experience for your audience. Edit the text to feature your own glowing reviews and give your brand a human touch on social media.

5. Blush Coaching Testimonial Instagram Post

Blush Coaching Testimonial Instagram Post

This Blush Coaching Testimonial Instagram Post template is perfect for coaches and wellness services. It features a soft blush design with space for a client's picture, making testimonials personal and authentic. Ideal for highlighting client experiences in a visually appealing way.

BONUS: TrustUGC Testimonial Template

TrustUGC Testimonial Template

TrustUGC is your best friend for effortlessly collecting, managing, and sharing client testimonials. Inside TrustUGC, explore hundreds of social media testimonial templates to find your brand's perfect match. You can easily create beautiul images AND videos of your testimonials in a matter of seconds.

With TrustUGC, turning positive customer feedback into engaging social media posts is a breeze!

Wrapping It Up

Showcasing customer reviews and testimonials effectively requires more than just a platform; it demands strategy. Whether you're tapping into the potential of video testimonials, highlighting a happy customer, or navigating the vast world of social media channels, these templates are your ticket to enhancing brand trust. And if you're looking for a reliable platform to collect, manage, and share your testimonials, TrustUGC is your best choice. With TrustUGC, ensuring your social proof stands out and resonates with potential customers becomes a seamless experience. Dive in today and elevate your brand's digital presence!

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