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Is UGC Oversaturated?

Posted Tue Oct 03 2023 2 min read

With the rise of apps like TikTok, UGC (User-Generated Content) has become the go-to marketing strategy for many businesses. It comes off much more natural and real than overproduced ads. This shift towards UGC has carved out a fresh niche for content creators: UGC creators. These creators specialize in creating organic-feeling ads for brands.

More and more creators are joining this wave of new creators, which leads to a common question: is UGC oversaturated?

We’re diving into that head-first in this blog post.

So, is it oversaturated?

Short answer: no.

There is an overwhelming amount of businesses looking to use UGC. Almost every brand, big or small, wants to connect with its audience and get more sales. From boutique makeup brands and e-commerce stores to tech giants like Apple, everyone’s on the hunt for UGC creators.

The sheer volume of businesses turning to UGC is monumental compared to the pool of UGC creators available. A study found that 86% of companies are integrating UGC into their digital marketing strategy (Source).

In a landscape where nearly every brand is scrambling to incorporate UGC, the number of UGC creators hasn’t kept pace with the soaring demand.

That being said, more UGC creators are joining the space every day, which means it will start getting more competitive. More UGC creators are investing in tools, lighting, camera quality, and editing, to stand out for brands.

We’ll next cover how to stand out from the crowd.

How To Stand Out As a UGC Creator

Standing out as a UGC creator isn’t easy, but don’t worry—I’ll give you 5 tips that will help you stand out.

  1. Invest In Quality

This is the most crucial tip I will give you. If there’s one takeaway from this blog post, it’s to prioritize quality. Creators who create high-quality content that converts for brands will never be short of brand deals.

  1. Build a Good UGC Portfolio

Your UGC portfolio is vital to closing brand deals. Take time to create a stunning UGC portfolio. If you need a little guidance on this, hop over to our blog post: How To Create a UGC Portfolio.

  1. Create a unique style

Blend your personality with your craft to create a unique style. This distinctive flair will become your signature in the UGC realm, helping brands spot you in a sea of creators.

  1. Build social proof

Social proof is an underrated way to help you stand out. Use a tool such as TrustUGC to collect and share testimonials. They will make a world of difference when trying to get more brand deals.

  1. Create a personal brand

Start posting on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Build up a following there. It will make it easier for brands to find you, and act as a second portfolio.

Wrapping Up

So, is UGC oversaturated? Far from it. It’s full of opportunities awaiting UGC creators ready to dive in. So go out there, start closing UGC deals, and let your unique vision create high-converting content for brands!

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