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How To Watermark Your UGC?

Posted Thu Sep 21 2023 1 min read

In the world of content creation, safeguarding your UGC (User Generated Content) has never been more vital. While many brands respect creators, there's always that outlier looking to capitalize on your hard work without giving due credit.

This is where watermarks step in. Imagine a brand trying to run an ad with "Emma UGC" boldly stamped across it – doesn't quite work, does it? So, if you're all about ensuring your content remains unmistakably yours, you're in the right spot. Today, I'll guide you through two straightforward methods to watermark your content, whether it's photos or videos. Ready to dive in? Let's go!

1. How to Watermark UGC Photos?

Free Watermark Maker

Watermarking your photos is super easy! We created a free tool that allows you to easily watermark your photos.

Step 1: Navigate to our Photo Watermark Maker.

Step 2: Input your desired watermark text. For instance, "Emma UGC".

Step 3: Upload the photos you wish to watermark.

Step 4: Click on "Watermark Images" and let the tool work its magic.

Voilà! You can now download and share your watermarked images confidently with brands.

2. How to Watermark UGC Videos?

CapCut UGC Watermark

While watermarking photos is straightforward, videos require a tad more work. For this, we recommend using Capcut, a versatile and free video editing app developed by TikTok. Here's a step-by-step guide to watermarking your videos with CapCut:

Step 1: Launch CapCut and import the UGC video you wish to watermark.

Step 2: Navigate to the "Text" option and select "Default Text".

Step 3: Type in your preferred watermark, such as "Emma UGC".

Step 4: Customize your watermark by adjusting its size. To ensure the content remains visible, reduce the opacity of the text.

Step 5: Drag the text duration bar to ensure your watermark appears throughout the entire video.

Step 6: Once satisfied, head to "File" and select "Export".

And there you have it! Your video is now watermarked and ready for sharing with brands.

Wrapping Things Up

Watermarking is a simple yet effective measure to ensure your content remains distinctly yours, deterring unauthorized use. Whether you're safeguarding photos or videos, the tools and methods we've discussed provide a hassle-free approach to watermarking. So, the next time you share your content, do it with confidence, knowing it carries your unique stamp.

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