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How To Put Fiverr Reviews on Your Own Website

Posted Mon Nov 27 2023 1 min read

Have you ever wanted to show off your Fiverr reviews on your own personal website, but didn’t want to spend hours manually copying each one?

Don’t worry! In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to use TrustUGC to add your Fiverr reviews to your website in under 3 minutes. Let’s get into it 👇

What is TrustUGC?

TrustUGC and Fiverr integration

TrustUGC is the go-to tool for small businesses and freelancers looking to improve their improve their website with reviews. Using TrustUGC, you can easily import your Fiverr reviews and put them on your website.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Create a TrustUGC account

Start by registering on TrustUGC and follow through with the onboarding process.

2. Import your Fiverr reviews

Import Fiverr reviews into TrustUGC

Head to the “Import” page, select “Fiverr”, and input your Fiverr job link.

Decide how many reviews you'd like to import, pick your favorites, and hit “Import Testimonials”.

3. Create a Widget

Create a TrustUGC widget

Widgets are how you’ll be able to display your Fiverr reviews on your website. Navigate to “Widgets”, click “Create New Widget”, and pick a template. I recommend using the “Marquee Widget”!

Select the reviews, customize the widget to your liking, and voila, hit “Create”!

4. Embed Your Widget Onto Your Website

Almost there! Now, just embed your widget into your site. Follow the tutorial tailored to your website builder, and you're set.

Congratulations, you’re done! 🎉

You’ve now successfully added your Fiverr reviews to your own website using TrustUGC. If you found this useful, make sure to share it with others!

Ready to collect testimonials?

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