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How To Collect Testimonials For Your Coaching Business

Posted Thu Nov 09 2023 3 min read

For coaches, testimonials are more than praise—they're the success stories that future clients trust. In a world where nearly everyone checks reviews before deciding, a lack of compelling testimonials can mean missed opportunities. This guide provides a straightforward approach to collecting and using testimonials to showcase the effectiveness of your coaching and build your business's credibility. Let's dive into how you can turn client satisfaction into your most powerful marketing tool.

Why Every Coach Needs Testimonials

Here's why securing these testimonials are essential for every coach:

  1. Building Trust with Prospects
    • Testimonials act as a trust bridge between you and potential clients, showing them the human impact of your coaching.
  2. Showcasing Real Results
    • Sharing specific stories of client success can paint a vivid picture of what new clients might expect from your services.
  3. Differentiating Your Services
    • In a crowded market, unique testimonials can set you apart, highlighting your specialized approach and results.
  4. Enhancing Your Online Presence
    • Testimonials can improve your visibility online, contributing positively to your search engine rankings and social proof.

In the following sections, we'll explore the best practices for gathering these golden nuggets of client feedback, ensuring you have a continuous stream of endorsements to support and grow your coaching practice.

When & How To Collect Testimonials For Your Coaching Business

Collecting testimonials is a delicate process that, when done correctly, can provide your coaching business with a powerful marketing edge. Here's a breakdown of the optimal times to request testimonials and various strategies for collecting them effectively.

When To Ask For a Testimonial?

  • Directly After a Session: Capture your clients' positive energy right after a successful coaching session when the experience is still top of mind.
  • Upon Client Milestones: Request a testimonial when a client achieves a significant goal, as they'll be more inclined to share their journey.
  • At the Conclusion of a Program: End-of-program testimonials provide a holistic view of the client's experience and the value they received.
  • During Ongoing Check-ins: With long-term clients, periodic requests can document their continuing progress and satisfaction.

How To Ask For a Testimonial?

  1. Direct, In-Person Requests:
    • Engage in a conversation with your client about their progress and gently introduce the idea of sharing their story. Personal, face-to-face requests can be incredibly effective, especially when done thoughtfully.
  2. Email:
    • Craft emails that not only celebrate the client’s journey but also invite them to contribute their story. Personalized communication can increase the likelihood of receiving a testimonial.
  3. Surveys:
    • Deploy carefully designed surveys at key points in the coaching journey. A well-structured survey can prompt clients to share thoughtful feedback that doubles as a testimonial.
  4. Testimonial Collection Tools
    • Use a tool such as TrustUGC to make it easy to collect testimonials. TrustUGC helps you collect more testimonials including video testimonials.

Testimonial Email Template For Coaching Business

Subject: Could You Share Your Experience?

Hi [Client’s Name],

I’m reaching out to celebrate your progress after our recent sessions together. Your journey has been remarkable, and I think others could find your story both inspiring and enlightening.

Would you be willing to share a brief testimonial about your experience? Your insights could provide immense value to others contemplating a similar path.

Here are a couple of questions to guide your thoughts, should you need them:

  • How has the coaching process impacted your goals?
  • What has been the most valuable aspect of our sessions?

Feel free to reply to this email with a few sentences that reflect your thoughts. Your privacy will be respected, whether you choose to be named or anonymous.

Thank you for considering this request, and for the opportunity to be a part of your journey.


[Your Name], [Your Business Name]

How To Use Testimonials For Your Coaching Business

Once you've collected testimonials, the next step is to use them strategically to foster growth and build trust with potential clients. Here’s how to effectively leverage these testimonials in your marketing efforts and maintain client relationships securely.

Highlight Testimonials On Your Website

Feature compelling testimonials prominently on your homepage or on a dedicated 'Success Stories' page.

TrustUGC makes it easy to put testimonials on your website with their customizable widgets.

Social Proof in Social Media

Share testimonials periodically on your social media channels to engage your audience and provide credibility.

Email Marketing Content

Include testimonials in your newsletters or in your email signature to remind clients and prospects of your proven track record.

In Marketing Materials:

Utilize testimonials in brochures, sales pitches, and presentations to provide evidence of your coaching outcomes.

Wrapping Things Up

Testimonials are more than just kind words; they are proof of the transformations your coaching has achieved. They give potential clients a real-life glimpse into the benefits of working with you. Use the strategies from this guide to collect and display these powerful stories, and let the positive experiences of your clients speak for you. So, gather those success stories and let them pave the path for your coaching service's bright future.

A Note from the Author

Hi, I'm Ben, co-founder of TrustUGC. We launched TrustUGC with a clear mission: to help coaches build and share social proof. We are dedicated to helping coaches get more clients by helping them collect testimonials and put them on your website.

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