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How to Ask a Client to Write a Testimonial

Posted Sat Sep 30 2023 4 min read

Getting a written or video testimonial from satisfied clients can be a great way to improve your brand's social proof and increase your sales. Those genuine endorsements from satisfied clients can make potential customers think, "I want that experience!"

But how do you get those testimonials? Reaching out can feel a tad uncomfortable, and let's face it, our clients are busy people. They might not always have the time to share their positive experiences.

In this article, we're diving deep into the world of collecting testimonials. By the end, you’ll be able to easily collect glowing testimonials from your previous clients.

The Importance of Testimonials in Building Social Proof

Satisfied customers can serve as ambassadors for your brand, and their testimonials, whether written or video, become a crucial element of your social proof. Testimonials affirm that your product or service has delivered value to many, persuading potential clients to come onboard. 72% of consumers say positive reviews and testimonials make them trust a business more (BigCommerce).

What Are The Different Types of Testimonials?

Today, testimonials come in many more flavors than just written testimonials. Thanks to the internet and social media, you've got a bunch of formats to choose from, each suited to different audiences and situations. Let's break down the variety of testimonials you might consider collecting to bolster your brand's trustworthiness.

1. Written Testimonials:


  • Ease of Collection: Written testimonials are straightforward to collect. A simple email request or a form on your website can facilitate the collection process.
  • SEO Benefits: The text content in written testimonials can be indexed by search engines, potentially enhancing your site's SEO.

Use Cases:

  • Website Testimonials Page: A dedicated page on your website can host a collection of written testimonials, offering a centralized location for visitors to read experiences from past clients.
  • Marketing Materials: Written testimonials can be seamlessly integrated into brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials.

2. Video Testimonials:


  • Emotional Resonance: Video testimonials capture emotions and authenticity, offering a more personal and engaging viewer experience.

  • Visual Demonstration: Clients can showcase your product or service in action, providing a visual testimony to its benefits.

Use Cases:

  • Social Media Marketing: Sharing video testimonials on social media platforms can enhance engagement and reach a broader audience.
  • Website Landing Pages: Embedding video testimonials on key landing pages can bolster credibility and conversion rates. 3.

Third-Party Reviews:


  • Increased Trust: Reviews on reputable third-party platforms can often carry more weight as they are perceived as unbiased.
  • Wider Reach: These reviews have the potential to reach a broader audience who frequent popular review platforms.

Use Cases:

  • Online Reputation Management: Monitoring and leveraging reviews on third-party platforms can be a crucial part of managing your online reputation.
  • Local SEO: For local businesses, reviews on platforms like Google My Business can significantly impact local search rankings.

Each type of testimonial has its place in your marketing strategy. The right mix can create a holistic and compelling testament to your business's value and reliability, appealing to a wide spectrum of clients and prospects.

1. Asking for Testimonials the Traditional Way: Email

Collecting testimonials through email

When it comes to asking clients for testimonials, emails are a reliable way to do it for free. The key to writing a testimonial request email is to make the email personalized and authentic. We’ve even included some templates for you below. Let's break down the components of an effective testimonial request email.

1.1. Crafting the Perfect Email

  • Subject Line: This is your first impression. Make it count! Something like "A Quick Favor?" or "Loved Working with You!" can pique curiosity and improve open rates.
  • Personalize: Start by reminiscing about the project you worked on or a memorable interaction. This sets the tone and reminds them of the value you delivered.
  • Clear Request: Be straightforward about what you're asking. Let them know you'd appreciate a testimonial and why it matters to you.
  • Guidelines: Offer a few prompts or questions to make it easier for them. For instance, "What was your favorite part of our collaboration?" or "How did our service impact your business?"

1.2 Ask Client For Testimonial Email Template

Our testimonial request email templates provide guidance. Always emphasize the value of feedback, be it praises or areas of improvement. And express gratitude for their time.

Subject: Your Experience with [Your Company Name]

Hi [Client's First Name],

I hope this email finds you well. It's been a pleasure working with you on [specific project or service], and I genuinely hope our collaboration brought great value to [Client's Company Name].

I'd be incredibly grateful if you could share a testimonial about your experience with us.

If you're wondering where to start:

  • What was your favorite part of our collaboration?
  • How did [Your Company Name] impact your business or project?
  • Would you recommend our services to others? If so, why?

Of course, feel free to write whatever comes naturally to you.

Thank you for considering this request, [Client's First Name]. Looking forward to our continued collaboration.

Warm regards,

[Your Name], [Your Company]

2. Using TrustUGC To Collect Quality Testimonials

Collecting testimonials through TrustUGC

TrustUGC is a tool that helps businesses collect both text and video testimonials. TrustUGC helps streamline the process of testimonial collection so you can focus on building your business.

How to collect testimonials with TrustUGC?

  1. Get Started: Sign up on TrustUGC and set up your account.
  2. Tailor to Your Brand: Customize your testimonial collection form, ensuring it resonates with your brand's voice and aesthetics.
  3. Reach Out: Share your personalized form with past clients, inviting them to share their experiences.

And just like that, you're on your way to collecting genuine testimonials!

Benefits of using TrustUGC

  • Organized Collection: All testimonials are stored in one place, making it easy to review, select, and showcase on your website or marketing materials.
  • Video Testimonials: Apart from text, TrustUGC allows you to collect engaging video testimonials, adding depth and authenticity to your feedback.
  • Embeddable Widgets: Easily embed TrustUGC's widgets on your website, with customization options to ensure they blend seamlessly with your site's design.


Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, testimonials are a great way to improve your trust and credibility.

Whether you opt for collecting testimonials through email or the streamlined efficiency of TrustUGC, the goal remains the same: to capture the essence of your client's experience.

Ready to transform your testimonial collection process? Give TrustUGC a try for free and experience the difference firsthand.

Ready to collect testimonials?

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