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How To Add Testimonials To Your

Posted Tue Apr 09 2024 1 min read

How To Add Testimonials To is an exceptional tool for directing more sales to your business via your social media profiles. But what if I told you there's a simple way to boost your sales in just a few minutes?

Adding social proof into your is an excellent strategy to increase sales. In this blog post, I'll guide you through the process of easily adding testimonials to your

Let’s dive in 👇

What is TrustUGC?

TrustUGC Logo

TrustUGC is the #1 tool for small businesses, creators, and freelancers looking to improve their websites with social proof. Using TrustUGC, you can easily collect testimonials and share them on your Campsite or website.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Testimonials to Campsite

Step 1. Create a free TrustUGC account

Create a free account on TrustUGC and follow through with the onboarding process.

Step 2. Import Your Testimonials

Import your testimonials

Already have some stellar testimonials? Perfect!

Head over to the ”Import” page and import them into TrustUGC.

Don’t have any testimonials yet?

Don’t worry – TrustUGC is also great for collecting new testimonials. Send out your Testimonial Form to collect testimonials with TrustUGC!

Step 3. Copy Your TrustUGC Praise Wall

TrustUGC Praisewall

TrustUGC automatically creates a dedicated testimonials page, that you’ll link to in your Stan Store. To find it, go to the “Account Page” and click “Praise Wall”. This will open your dedicated testimonials page.

Copy the link to this page.

4. Add a New Link In Campsite

Add testimonials Campsite

Open up Campsite. Go to your “Links” tab, and click “Add Link”. Paste in the link you copied to your praise wall!

Congratulations, you’re done! 🎉

You’ve now successfully added testimonials to your using TrustUGC. If you found this useful, make sure to share it with others!

Ready to collect testimonials?

TrustUGC is the #1 platform for collecting and showcasing genuine testimonials. Join 700+ businesses that use TrustUGC today 👇


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