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How To Add Testimonials To Your

Posted Tue Apr 02 2024 1 min read

Your page is more than just a collection of links; it’s a way to bridge the gap between you and your potential clients. Showcasing testimonials on your Beacons page can significantly enhance your credibility. Testimonials and reviews are essential in today’s world, acting as social proof that can sway potential customers to trust you.

This guide will walk you through adding testimonials to your page in less than 5 minutes. Whether you're promoting your coaching services or directing visitors to your online store, this blog post is crafted with your needs in mind.

Let's take your page to the next level with the power of testimonials! Let’s get into it! 👇

What is TrustUGC?

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TrustUGC is the ultimate tool for businesses, coaches, and freelancers looking to boost their online presence with social proof. With TrustUGC, gathering testimonials and sharing them on your site or across social platforms is straightforward and effective.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1. Create a free TrustUGC account

Begin by signing up at TrustUGC. Follow the onboarding process to get started.

Step 2. Import Your Testimonials

Import your testimonials

If you already have testimonials, you're off to a great start! Visit the “Import” page on TrustUGC and import your testimonials over.

Starting from zero? No problem – TrustUGC makes it easy to collect new testimonials. Use the Testimonial Form to gather new testimonials easily.

Step 3. Copy Your TrustUGC Praise Wall Link

TrustUGC Praisewall

TrustUGC creates a special testimonials page for you, ideal for linking from your page. Find this by navigating to your “Account Page” on TrustUGC and selecting “Praise Wall.” This will take you to your testimonial page.

Copy the page's URL.

4. Add a New Link to Your Page

Add testimonials

Head over to your page and access your “Edit Links” section. Here, click “+ Add Link.” Paste the copied link to your Praise Wall here and tailor the title to suit your page’s style.

Congratulations, you’re done! 🎉

You've successfully enhanced your page by adding testimonials with TrustUGC. If you've found this guide helpful, don't hesitate to share it with others!

Ready to collect testimonials?

TrustUGC is the #1 platform for collecting and showcasing genuine testimonials. Join 700+ businesses that use TrustUGC today 👇


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