Fer is absolutely an amazing and gifted soul. He has helped me with the clarity I need to move forward after being stuck in a rut these past few years. I always thought I had spiritual gifts and he has confirmed this. My plan is to follow his guidance and see what the future brings. Thank you Fer for giving me clarity on my life and what my purpose is. You are amazing and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.


What I got had me crying happy tears. I got understanding and love towards myself. Now I have tools to grow and have more energy to go towards my goal which is to spread positivity and love. Thank you!


I very much enjoyed working with Fer, he cleared up some things I really needed information on and also cut some things away that were not serving me. Highly recommend


Always an amazing experience working with Fer. He's very gifted and clear channel for higher wisdom. This reading deeply resonated and was very helpful. Thank you!!


Fer's abilities and help he provides exceeded my every expectation! He's a wonderful soul and an amazing psychic reader that gave me very accurate life guidance and helped in a very difficult life situation. I cannot thank you enough Fer and cannot say how grateful I am!